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Say, Yes to Healthy Indoor Planting by Adhering to the Right Houseplant Fertilizer Schedule

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Are you a nature buff? If, yes then it’s time to add greenery to your home via indoor planting! Many studies reveal that plants can help reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds. Clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen. But, did you know? Being a houseplant parent is not a cakewalk. Knowing when it’s time to feed houseplants is challenging! So, here’s a sneak peek into the basic ins and outs of houseplant fertilizer:

When to Feed Houseplant Food?

Houseplants wilt when they are not getting sufficient supply of water. Their leaves start getting pale and lanky when they aren’t receiving enough sunlight. When humidity is too low, they turn crisp and wither off; when it’s too high, they may develop rot. Thus, knowing when your houseplants need to be fertilized is complicated. There’s no clear indication from your plant that shouts- Hey, I’m hungry- feed me. So, instead of waiting for plant to talk, you’ll have to use houseplant fertilizer on a schedule.

Getting to Know About Houseplant Fertilizer Schedule:

When summer season arrives, it’s time to switch to a more regular houseplant fertilizer program.

Set the frequency of summer houseplant fertilizer schedule on the type of fertilizer you’re using.

  1. Liquid Fertilizers are applied more frequently (bi-weekly or monthly).

  2. Granular products are used less frequently, usually once every month or two.

  3. Slow-release houseplant fertilizers break down slowly and release their nutrients in small amounts, over a longer period of time. A single application of these products lasts for three to four months span of time.

Conclusion: Follow this schedule to enable the healthy plant growth.

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